80 years of excellence in engineering

STERLYTE is founded on the solid grounds of a group that has featured engineering and plant construction capabilities in several disciplines for eight decades. We design, manufacture and setup systems based on membranes, chemical-physical processes, evaporation, selective separations, chemical reactions, deoxygenation, pollutants’ separation, concentration and recovery of high-value species.

Pre-tested systems and industrial solutions

Basic and Detail Engineering

On-site and remote services featuring machine learning

Eco-sustainability and Efficiency improvement

With the support of its team of specialists focused on different projects in different industries, STERLYTE continuously brings innovations to Customers: each application is studied in detail. Our engineers followup the project development, the construction, and monitor units throughout their lifetimes. By acquiring the operations statuses of our units, our servers maintain a continuous two-way connection among plants, databases and our experts that allows for PLC software improvements and hardware implementations that can be upgraded during service. STERLYTE’s activities stem from competence, organisation and Customer’s valuable comments and appreciations, thanks also to a professional but friendly approach to problems.