Our Services

Regardless of the complexity of the application or the system required, STERLYTE designs integrated services since the engineering stage. When the system is then installed, running is smooth, efficient, downtime minimised, and maintenance limited to planned services. Operational costs are therefore reduced and lack of production significantly cut, all leading to a tangible benefit to Customers’ core business.


An industrial fluid separation system is conceived by STERLYTE since the beginning to have simplified maintenance. Our technicians are qualified in several process disciplines such as: instrumentation and control, mechanical, process and electrical so they can tackle and solve ordinary an extraordinary problems encountered during services. Thanks to the solid engineering bases and experience our technicians have, they can perform their tasks in Switzerland and abroad, in classified environments, in pharmaceutical contexts as well as semiconductor industries, explosion proof areas and confined environments. STERLYTE, moreover, offers a vast variety of analytical instrumentation to carry out tests and analyses in field and in lab ranging from TOC to microbial count, BOD5, COD and other chemical species, either organic and inorganic. Service performed on site is implemented in any possible case with service performed also online, by connecting units to our servers via GSM, LAN, or other special communication channels to offer predictive analysis through algorithms founded on machine learning and immediate response. Several maintenance programs are available to our Customers. Among the others, our specialists also perform calibrations, implementation of software on PLC and HMI, quality and safety audits, training classes to Clients’ operators and delivery of certifications of operator, supervisor, and process specialist therefore organized at several levels of competence.


STERLYTE does not only develop new systems, it also delivers services of pure engineering whether it is basic or process, detail or construction. We help our Customers develop their own customized solutions, their tender bid specifications, User Requirement Specifications (URS), Material Specifications (MR). We offer engineering services at any stage: from P&ID to mass balance, thermodynamics calculations, mechanical calculations, as well as detail layout and isometric drawings, 3D drawings and renderings, and also drawings for construction. Our competence goes well beyond engineering and boasts a whole variety of competitive advantages dedicated only to our estimated Customers. Among the advantages: on site supervisions, as built drawings, technical consulting on existing units, internal services, qualifications, development and completion of IQ/OQ/DQ/PQ/SQ protocols, and HAZOP studies. STERLYTE develops proprietary applications and offers advanced services to calculate, design and optimize processes in the fluid treatment industrial field. By working side to side with our Customers and their operators we deliver specialistic support to define the required process parameters and achieve Customers core business goals, as well as setting up the fundamental utilities operated by field technicians, project managers, quality people, process engineers, and production responsibles. STERLYTE features Solutions and innovation with a great deal of attention to impact on nature, eco-sustainable processes, that we call ECO-PROCESSES. Our specialists are also available to supply services for third parties in the form of frame agreements, project activities, supervision or installation and start up, or revamping engineering. In relation to the revamping engineering more details are reported below.



All units designed and engineered by STERLYTE feature unique characteristics that significantly reduce environmental impacts in several ways. Such characteristics may be implemented by revamping existing systems. Among the main characteristics that make a system eco–compatible are:

-selection of equipment with the lowest energy consumptions
-pinpoint high efficiency operating conditions
-Selection of components that may be reused and offer spare parts easy to interchange across platforms, therefore reducing the requirement to have a large warehouse of unique spare parts
-adduction of the most recent international regulations in electrical, instrumentation and control disciplines that feature the highest efficiency is possible and state of the art performance
-selection of consumables that are 99% biodegradable
-dosage of consumables minimized and, we are possible, replaced by on-site production with electric energy only
-all materials used our eco-sustainable and compliant with the regulations: CE, USP, cGMP, ISPE, ASME, ANSI.

STERLYTE operates in compliance with the international standards ISO 14001, 45001, 9001.
Facts are always considered in design fees and are minimized.
We do not use toxic elements such as lead, nickel, chromium or other chemical species that may be released by our systems



Since design phase stair light divorce special attention to two principles that impact systems throughout their whole lifetime:

1- Shortest market lead time of spare parts
2- Easy interchangeability of spare parts

Sure that systems have the maximum up time and if the same time their maintenance is easy in the decades to come. We also take special care about minimizing the number of spare parts often interchangeable with parts that Customers already use for their own processes. Among the exclusive advantages offered by STERLYTE to its Customers there is also the “equivalence philosophy”. In other words, we do not rely on a supply chain that manufactures exclusive components to design our own systems, but we offer our customers great flexibility in adopting the most well known and appreciated friends our customers can find so they can harmonize the components used.

Sterlite offers spare parts, consumables, chemicals for all its systems and also for third-party units for which it undertakes maintenance contract. Among the other spares are also: any model of RO, NF, UF, MF membranes, EDI modules, pressure vessels, antiscalants, chemicals for inorganic, organic, enzymatic chemical cleanings, and high performance antioxidants